Most of us are aware of the fact that crypto expendable value was a great reason to design and introduce crypto wallets to the world. And with the increase in cybercrime, the wallet security was highly fitting.

And today, MetaMask is recognized to be the most reliable wallet extension among all the crypto wallets out there. We know a large population of the world is leaning towards the MetaMask login accounts and so we thought it is time to shed some light on one of its newest service features- the MetaMask Swaps feature.

Here, you’ll get to know some specific data on what this feature is all about, followed by explicit sections containing data on things you should know before you try the service feature and the steps to actually, undergo the crypto swapping via the browser extension.

Know the specifics before yielding from the service

Let us help you with enriching your journey with the Metamask login accounts while you go on to use the “Swaps” service for your crypto funds with some significant details that every user should know beforehand:

  • Do not buy or acquire any cryptocurrency token unless you’ve thoroughly researched the risks and perks, even if it complies with the wallet standards.
  • Slippage (the difference between the price you chose and the price of the final transaction) was an integral part of designing MetaMask Swaps as the prices keep changing throughout.
  • Custom tokens may not get added to your MetaMask log in wallets instantly as they aren’t very popular as per the wallet’s standard token list, which requires manual addition.
  • Swap transactions made on MetaMask are entirely supported by the wallet extension, however, if you are doing it on any other platform, MetaMask can just provide guidance (might not be definitive).

Want to know the steps of making a “Swaps” transaction?

On your MetaMask login portal, you’ll now, be able to see the MetaMask Swaps button, which is the star of this section. So, what are you waiting for, get on with the enlisted steps for making a swap transaction:

  1. On your browser extension, launch the installed extension.
  2. Spot and hit the exclusive “Swap” option on the MetaMask webpage.
  3. From the available list, go for a crypto token pair and hit “Get Quotes”.
  4. Wait to get to the quotes, compare and choose the best alternative.
  5. Finally, place your hit on “Swap” again and wait for the completion.


The short but descriptive read above has been carefully crafted to familiarize you with the newest service that MetaMask has launched to make the crypto journey of its users more efficient- the MetaMask Swaps feature.

This service can be yielded from both web browsers and mobile applications, all you have to do is have access to your MetaMask login accounts. Reading through the data piece above you learned about the significant things you might need to use the service feature and then you got to know the steps of making the swap transaction.