There is great interest around the new Canon EOS Rebel T2i, the digital SLR that will take the 18 megapixel like Canon EOS 7D (the highest resolution currently available on a DSLR with APS-C) the reach of many photographers, along with the possibility of Full HD video recording capabilities with extensive manuals. Canon eos r5 price in pakistan


Canon EOS Rebel T2i available in the network where the characteristics of the newly formed digital camera are compared with earlier Canon EOS Rebel T1i and the Canon EOS 50D and Canon EOS 7D, these higher-end models, highlighting changes and innovations introduced in this model.


"The Canon EOS Rebel T2i is positioned between the EOS Rebel T1i and EOS 50D SLR offers a higher resolution for both but without any replacement. Boasting the same sensor dala proof digital SLR Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18-megapixel EOS 7D does not agree, however, the double image processor DIGIC IV in the case of the Rebel T2i is single, limiting speed continuous shooting at 3.7 fps. Important feature, given the propensity of this reflex to video footage, is the new high resolution LCD monitor and 3:2 ratio and redesigned user interface, now even more practical. The possibility of shooting video have been widely expanded with the support of full HD mode with a range of different values of frame rates to choose from.


Canon Rebel T2i Construction and ergonomics


The EOS Rebel T2i, EOS Rebel T1i with the confronting, it is built to fit its market niche and that between the entry-level and pro-sumer range of Canon digital cameras. Less robust and heavier than a 50D or EOS 7D, but certainly more solid entry-level Canon EOS Rebel XS. Fewer protections and sealing against dust and water and the shutter is not qualified to a minimum number of shots, where the EOS 7D and EOS 50D are guaranteed for 150,000 and 100,000 respectively shots.


The Rebel T2i Sensor and image processor


The sensor of the Canon EOS Rebel T2i seems to be the same as the EOS 7D note that provides the highest resolution available on an entry level SLR. But unlike the 7D, the Rebel T2i has only DIGIC 4, more than adequate for normal shooting situations, but with limited speed continuous shooting at 3.7 fps.


The new sensor supports the same range of sensitivity of the EOS 7D (EOS 50D and Rebel T1i) with standard range from 100 to 6400 ISO as a step expansion H1 to ISO 12800, for comparison, the EOS 50D and Rebel T1i have basic range of 100-3200 ISO with two expansions in 6400 and 12800.


Canon Rebel T2i Video and Live View shooting


Live View mode on the Canon EOS Rebel T2i is more or less similar to other recent Canon digital SLRs. Moreover, the new high-resolution LCD display with 3:2 ratio, gives a very clear and accurate picture of the scene. Autofocus is supported with a choice of three different AF modes, and its activation occurs by pressing the shutter button, option very comfortable and innovative than other video cameras from Canon.


Buttons modified for Canon EOS Rebel T2i


The buttons on the back of the camera have been redesigned to improve functionality. The layout is similar to the Rebel T1i with two differences: the first is the button dedicated to video recording to the right of the LCD monitor and allows switching between Live View and Video mode, the second is the button that was used with the Rebel T1i Function Print / Share and is now dedicated to the renewed interface rapid adjustment of camera settings for shooting. Two changes that greatly improve the usability of the camera than previous.


When shooting video, the photographer can change the aperture, ISO sensitivity, white balance and shutter speed, the latter with a minimum of 1/30? at 30 fps or 1/60? to 50 and 60 frames per second. A new feature of "clipping" video allows a magnification of the scene up to 7X recording in standard mode (640×480 pixels), functioning as a sort of digital zoom.


Canon Rebel T2i Performance and image quality


The performance of the camera under test are comparable to those of the EOS 7D that we tested in November and this is not surprising. The images are consistently sharp and vibrant color saturation, perhaps even more, particularly visible on the red. The quality of the video clips at full resolution and 24fps full HD is great, a bit less than in standard mode that is too soft. The audio quality obtained with the microphone that is good and above average.


The nine AF points of the Canon EOS Rebel T2i


The autofocus is fast and generally accurate, some miss in situations of strong light and contrast. In the same circumstances a slight tendency to overexposure of the highlights is sometimes present. Focusing in low light is very good, even superior to that of the Canon EOS 7D we tried (with the same lens used).


The sensor system of autofocus is the same as the EOS Rebel T1i but with two more AF points, nine instead of seven as the Canon EOS 50D and Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Also available on this EOS the system of automatic recognition of faces (face detection).


The metering can count on 63 areas that are evaluated by Canon iFCL system with a choice of multi-mode area, mainly central, partial (9% approx.) Or spot (4% approx.).


The presence of noise in high sensitivity shooting is similar to the Canon EOS 7D. The test images are virtually free from noise up to ISO 6400 with growth seen at high ISO test digital SLR Canon EOS Rebel T2i ISO 12800 of which images become softer. Applying the noise reduction function a certain softness is visible in the frames taken from ISO 800 up, but to little apparent lower sensitivity.


The Rebel T2i White Balance


Here too, the auto white balance is similar to other Canon digital SLRs we've tested. A component always this hot in incandescent light and a near-perfect performance in fluorescent light. Many customization options including white balance while shooting, including bracketing.


Buy the EOS Rebel T2i if:


* Do you want a lightweight, high-resolution camera, able to resume the same way still images and video.

* Do you want a digital SLR with an excellent built-in flash

* Want a simple camera to use but very comprehensive

* Do you want to use the ISO sensitivity is high for images that you shoot video

* Please use the autofocus during the video shoot.