A dissertation is one such assignment that every student faces at least once during their academic years. Most students look for an AMA citation generator since they are unaware of all the citation styles. Not being familiar with the formatting style is one of the biggest mistakes students can commit while writing their papers. Needless to say, writing a dissertation assignment can be an overwhelming task, and if not handled correctly, students are bound to make mistakes. If you are also losing out on grades, steer clear of all these mistakes.  

  1. Lack Of Originality And Focus

While writing your paper, you should be willing to write everything from scratch. You can, of course, take inspiration from other sources and materials but avoid copy-pasting information at all costs. Plagiarism is a big no-no, and being caught for it can adversely affect your entire academic career.

Most students cannot write a quality CDR report for mechanical engineer due to a lack of originality. Moreover, they often divert from the topic and fail to address the issue adequately. Not providing relevant information or misinformation can degrade your assignment's quality, hence leaving you with poor grades.

  1. No Interest In The Subject

Sometimes when students are given to write a topic, they often lack interest in that particular topic. Moreover, since they have to deal with so many disciplines during their academic journey, it is often not possible for them to like all the subjects equally. This is when they get to write a dissertation on a subject they don't like, and they often fail to curate in-depth research and well-informed paper. Thus, if you have scope to pick a topic, select the one you are passionate about, and that is relevant to your discipline. Then, uncover some exciting facts while avoiding tangents and making them exciting and intriguing.

  1. Not Enough Clarity

Lack of clarity is another mistake that most students tend to commit. Even the most well-researched and interesting topics can be obscured by a lack of transparency in your writing. Thus, make sure to write short, crisp, and clear sentences that convincingly bring out the essence of your argument.

Check for paragraphs that are ambiguous, poorly written or wordy. Follow an outline to keep your dissertation organized to avoid irrelevant context.  Click here to get the best  experts for take my online math class for me

  1. Insufficient Editing And Proofreading Skills

Editing and proofreading are significant factors that express the effort and time you have taken to perfect your assignment. Despite being an essential factor, most students often overlook this and fail to impress their professors. Proofreading your paper will allow you to identify and rectify even the slightest spelling, grammar, or typo errors. Moreover, if you have exceeded the word limit or have an inaccurate citation, poor sentence structures or misplaced words, you can easily edit them to perfection.  Use this - page calculator

Writing a dissertation does not have to be daunting if you avoid these mistakes.


While writing your dissertation paper, start early enough so that you leave no room for mistakes. Additionally, go over your dissertation draft multiple times to figure out any errors. The more alert and active, the less chance you will have to commit the mistakes listed above, and you will be on your way to perfection.

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