Elden Ring's playtime on PC as of March 11 2022 of 47 hours and 37 minutesactually, nearly two days in total. These figures include every player's playtime on Steam which is shocking in light of Elden Ring Items the fact that Elden Ring has been released for only two weeks. Resident Evil 2, another hit from the past and only lasts for 22.5 hours with 24 mins of playtime.Elden Ring is astonished well as it's a (mostly) single-player RPG which was released two weeks in the past.

Where to locate the Godslayer's Greatsword in the Elden Ring

The Godslayer's Greatsword is another one of Elden Ring's "Legendary Armaments" as well as a Colossal Greatsword that scales with faith, strength and Dexterity. While the Elden Ring weapon isn't buried as deep than the Eclipse Shotel, it does take some tricky platforming and getting rid of a tough Elden Ring boss to get it.

Elden Ring Godslayer's Greatsword location that is up and down Divine Tower of Caelid and fighting with the Godskin Apostle.The Godslayer's Greatsword is found beneath the Divine Tower of Caelid, situated in the northern-central portion of the map . It's near the Dragonbarrow West site of grace. You'll need to climb to the top of the tower, which will lead you to an entrance and then back down once inside So be prepared for that "is there a place I'm supposed to go next?" Platforming is usually reserved for Destiny raid. This mini-dungeon was completed around level 90, and wouldn't recommend taking it on before level 70, or perhaps 60 as cheap elden ring weapons a base.