One user on Twitter said that Lost Ark Gold they've witnessed the Lost Ark server queue drop from more than 8,000 to 950, although whether it's a result of the bans isn't clear.

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Botting is a typical MMO behaviour, which refers to the use software to automate repetitive behaviors--eg grinding enemies in the starter zone to level characters, often with the intent to turn into a profit from them. New World is another game which has experienced botting issues, but when we last saw a ban wave in that $40 game, the number was 7,700.

Lost Ark being free-to-play makes it a more attractive target for botters, who aren't liable for losing money in the event of their ban, which may be the reason for the huge number of players. PUBG, which is also free to play, reported 13 million cheater bans over less than a year. At a rate of 1 million bans every each month Lost Ark is currently in the process of matching that however, it is possible that if Amazon and Smilegate are so effective in identifying bots, at least some of the players operating they will probably give up.

"Maintaining a fair and fun playing experience for players is an absolute priority for our team," according to a statement that was released by the developers today. "While we intend to make an enormous impact with this ban wave, we know that there's more work to be done , and we want players to know that this is only the first step in what is expected to be an active and ongoing process.

We will continue to work towards best place to buy Lost Ark Gold identifying and removing cheating, botting, and harmful behavior in Lost Ark at scale, which will include the expansion of our anti-cheat tools, improving bot identification methods as well as releasing additional ban waves as often as we can."