When you are troubleshooting some error with your router, resetting the router is the last resort. Resetting a device erases the current configuration of the router bringing it back to factory default settings. In this blog, we will have a look at steps for ATT reset router. Reset will help it restore the condition it was in prior to the issue. It will clear out most of your networking issues. The issue can arise due to multiple factors affecting it. Power outage and maintenance breakdown at the routers end can lead to Wi-Fi not working. Simple trouble shooting can help you resolve many issues but sometimes faulty connection like loose wiring and not  plugged in properly can cause the malfunction. The mentioned steps can help you ensure proper working of your router and tell you how to reset AT&T router. Try turning the Wi-Fi Off and then back on. This usually resolves the issue. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. Try moving closer to the Wi-Fi and check your equipments. Resetting the router resolves the issue in most of the cases.

Steps to reset ATT router:

 Press and hold the reset button on the gateway for 10 seconds.
 Make sure you hold it for 10-15 seconds otherwise the router will reboot and not perform a reset.
 Wait till the status lights are on.
 Then, release the button.
 If the broadband or the service status light turns green, the router is reset.

Another way to reset AT&T router remotely ids through the web interface. Let’s have a look at the steps for the same.
 Open a web browser in a device connected to the router.
 Type the default IP address, in the URL section of the page.
 Press enter and login using the username and password.
 Go to settings and click on advance settings.
 Select the reset option you want to perform.
 Click ok and the router will reset.

You can also access the AT&T router settings by entering the default credentials. When you reset the router its settings will change into default settings which are known to all and therefore not necessarily safe. In order to protect your connection you must change the username and password by logging in through default credentials. Type in the URL section of the web browser and you will be directed to the login page.