"MyCareer" mode "MyCareer" mode lets players to design their own custom basketball player that goes on Cheap NBA 2K22 MT a journey to become an NBA star. In this year's edition, the NBA made not an effort to create a unique or compelling story. It is a story that revolves around a popular social media athlete who has three options to pursue his professional basketball future.

All three options have equally dull and predictable stories. The low quality of the films can cause a lot of players to avoid boring cutscenes in order to simply play basketball. Whatever path the player chooses ultimately doesn't matter because they all arrive at the same final destination and render the majority unnecessary.

NBA 2K22's "MyCareer" story serves as an illustration of the game. Like the choices you make during the game's mode do not impact the final outcome, nor will any of statements made by 2K developers ever affect what the players can expect from the game.

Every 2K version has the same poor quality Every year they earn huge sums of money. Without competition in the extremely profitable "basketball simulation" genre, it looks like next year's review of Buy NBA 2K Coins this game is going to be just as repetitive as the series has become.