Like all Bowazons, Ice Bowazon relies on high mobility to do her job, their focuses on using cold damage for their various bow skills, and focus on using bows instead of javelins for weapon damage. MMOSO offers cheap D2R Ladder Items For sale with fast delivery and huge stock. The cold ability allows her to slow down the target, which is both a defensive and an attacking attribute. The Ice Bowazon is also the first choice for many players on Ladder play, this article will introduce you to Ice Bowazon best skill build in D2R 2.4 Ladder.

1 point to Magic Arrow: A prerequisite for Strafe, it's handy for taking out mobs with double immunities in Cold and Physical, and also doesn't require arrows, so it's a lifesaver if you miscalculate ammo in combat.

20 points to Cold Arrow: Cold Arrow is a single-target icy attack that chills on hitting mobs, damaging and slowing them, and giving them a chance to shatter on death.

1 point to Multiple Shot: Prerequisite for Strafe.​

1 point to Ice Arrow: Ice Arrow is also a single-target ability that deals cold damage and freezes some mobs on impact. It only slows down other players, champions or unique monsters, and bosses.

1 point to Guided Arrow: Prerequisite for Strafe.​

20 points to Freezing Arrow: Freezing Arrow delivers Cold damage that freezes any mob near the point of impact, it's an AoE ability perfect for wiping out large groups of monsters.

20 points to Strafe: Strafe received a major buff in patch 2.4, removing the old weapon damage penalty and effectively increasing its power by 33%.

Here is the Ice Bowazon best skill build for Ladder, Ice Bowazon is a strong ranged DPS spec with excellent AoE and single target damage options, hope you can climb ladder top with the build. If you need powerful items, you can Buy D2R Ladder Items here, safe and legit.