Playing, or self-isolating, from home? It is also easy to perform these exercises at home, which include yoga and pilates, cardio and strength training. And they're free to access many of them. 

As new classes become available, we're updating this list, so check back periodically. If you are running classes online, get in touch by email. 

Kiwis have also started to socially separate themselves, isolate themselves or operate from home. By running smaller courses or prohibiting props, some gyms and fitness studios have adapted, while others have pivoted online to give training with zero in-person touch. 

Since the workouts of Jane Fonda swept the world by surprise (frankly, they still stand up), at-home fitness has advanced, and today there are yoga and Pilates lessons, living-room-friendly workouts, and downloadable software to take you around the park. This is a running compilation of what we learned. 

Per week, Happy Melon Studio runs 65 live classes online. Choose from $5 and $10 a lesson for yoga, meditation, exercise or Pilates, or purchase in bulk for a discount. There are also weekly and monthly passes, but rates differ, but you will get seven days of unlimited lessons for $7.50 to get you started right now. 

Nike has a number of free runs, educational plans, wellness tips, and online dietary advice. The Nike Running Club, Nike Fitness Club, and a podcast, Qualified, showcasing interviews with coaches and athletes, are its free software. 

Universal Practice at Home is an online portal that allows the Melbourne-based pilates and physiotherapy studio unrestricted access to more than 70 courses, including pilates, weight conditioning, yoga and meditation, for $49 a month. 

Nice Times Pilates from Fitzroy has now gone entirely online, running lessons at am, 10am and 5pm three times a day. Book in here for a lesson. 

Yoga tutor Annie Belcher, based in Melbourne, shares downloadable audio lessons on her website for free. For individuals that are self-isolating, she's also shared a special Yoga at home class choose from on of these Online Yoga Classes Streaming

A virtual gym was introduced by Keep It Cleaner. It's free of charge and there are lectures at 7am on Wednesdays and Fridays. No requirement for supplies. 

Sue Everett, based in Melbourne, provides one-on-one yoga classes for $30 for 15 minutes via Skype. Just book online. 

With easy-to-follow accessible courses, the online yoga platform would take a new approach to this ancient tradition. For lifetime access to the online collection, it's $197. 

New Zelaand fitness coach Ariel Norday is now based in New York, but his limited equipment training videos can be viewed on Instagram for free. 

For all stages of fitness, Fluidform Pilates has an at-home curriculum of tailored pre-recorded exercises. It's $49 a month and a free equipment kit is included with the first monthly bill. 

Couch to 5K is not exclusively for indoors, but it can certainly be performed solo in the nine-week, app-led running program. 

The Callie fitness kit ($75), which is intended to help you mimic a home gym routine, was developed by a Melbourne pair. There's even an online driven exercise called Quarantine With Callie that you can perform. 

Sydney Yoga Collective is broadcasting its 32 yoga courses online. For unrestricted entry, it's $10 and there'll also be five free classes available monthly. 

I Am That is a virtual yoga studio recently opened that provides a range of online live and pre-recorded yoga and meditation lessons. It's $9 a week to attend, or free for anyone who can't afford it because of the economic crisis-just email a coupon code to 

Frame in Melbourne, a newly launched personal training center, currently provides six interactive classes per day. For unlimited courses, it's $10 for one or $35. Find the plan here. 

Power Living has an online site, Yogaholics, which provides 24-hour subscription to yoga and meditation lessons for $12 a month, varying from five to 90 minutes. 

Retrosweat is on its Instagram site, live-streaming '80s-style aerobics. 

A virtual studio broadcasting up to five classes live every day has been introduced by St Kilda's Ihana Yoga. For a two-week trial, it is $1. 

Access Jessica Dewar Yoga's unlimited live stream and filmed lessons from $14.95 a week. 

Kyneton's Pilates by Bec provides online personal fitness workshops for eight individuals and free Pilates lessons until April 6. It's $5 per class after that, or a weekly pass is $15. 

Get a free six-week trial of the health and wellness app, Centr, by Chris Hemsworth. It blends exercises with rituals of mindfulness and recipe plans (beginner to advanced). 

Take the immersive Zombies download, Run! App for a slash-audio fantasy running game. The online, 10-episode home fitness series will have you fleeing from a zombie apocalypse (pretend). Needless to mention, this one is the perfect outdoor fit. 

  • Netfit runs live netball workshops online. They're free from March 23 for six weeks. 

Links to more than 200 barre, pilates and yoga lessons, courtesy of the Barre Body training studio on request. Start with a free five-day trial; $15 per month is the cost of membership. Two live lessons a day on Instagram and Facebook are also run by Barre Body. 

Healthy Vibes Yoga in Melbourne has opened up an online portal where you can get free access to short flow lessons and meditations. 

Three to four distinct bike videos are posted regularly by Spin Studio Bodhi & Travel, plus yoga workshops, attitude counseling and seminars on fitness. For a period of four weeks, it's $49 a week and you'll need to rent or purchase a spin bike (home delivery is available). 

Get your groove on with dance-focused workouts live-streamed by The Upbeat. For unlimited courses, it is $19 a week, but those who have lost their work or organization due to the Covid-19 epidemic may be eligible for free sessions. In order to find out more, contact 

The new immersive studio courses at Sydney Dance Company feature beginners' hip-hop, ballet and jazz, and a Friday Feel Good party. Classes start at $12, with $28 for an unrestricted weekly membership. 

Botannix Yoga Studio now streams all classes live using Zoom, ranging from vinyassa to yin yoga and meditation for pregnancy. Prices begin at $10, or for $50, you can get 28 days of classes. 

Humming Puppy Yoga Studio provides unrestricted access to its suite of pre-recorded lessons for $15 a month (that's half the cost). In all the recordings, you'll hear a low frequency buzz, which the team claims improves the enjoyment of yoga. 

With Queensland Ballet's latest online lessons, pirouette around your living room. They are appropriate for all ages, from kids to seniors, and include traditional ballet, exercise lessons and stretching, and even salsa. Access them here for free. 

More than 40 courses a week are now live-streamed by Upstate Studios, including HITT, pilates and yoga. For $49 a month, new members can use them. Plus, Facebook and Instagram have live regular guided meditations. 

Love Athletica pilates studio influenced by California, known for remixing the traditional reformer model, provides unlimited live and on-demand lessons for $29 a week. For $120 a week, employ a reformer. 

Let out some steam by Sydney's Hustle Boxing with boxing-led fitness lessons. Get live and on request sessions, express workouts and monthly check-ins for $29.95 a week. 

All its pilates and exercise classes are now run live through Zoom by Body Contrology. Dial into matte pilates, barre, power and HITT, and more. That's $19 a lesson, or $160 a month. There are also one-on-one lessons available. 

At Axis in Surry Hills, the physio and pilates experts do simulated community pilates classes for $30 or one-on-one classes for $70. And for $70, teleconference physio appointments. 

Arise Studio Fitness in Melbourne, committed to pilates, yoga and fitness, runs weekly lessons for $25 a week. For additional stabilization and stretching, buy a cork roller or massage ball. 

The online yoga platform Vinny (short for vinyasa) offers free 15 to 20 minute lessons each morning and afternoon with a different line-up of yogis every day. Back here, follow them. 

Ex-Bachelor star and personal trainer Sam Wood's 28 app has tricks, exercises, diet, recipes and more for well-being and wellness. Membership on an annual basis is $58.99. 

Blys also introduced an online platform that provides private fitness services sessions beginning at $39, including yoga, pilates, mediation, physiotherapy, mental counseling and mindfulness. 

Paramount Recreation Club broadcasts the club's most famous daily workouts through The Rec Club Digital. Unlimited membership begins on a weekly basis at $20. 

Beginners and Open Contemporary courses are offered online by Chunky Step dance studio. Each one is now available on Eof, with more to come. 

New Zealand has Pilates, yoga and meditation courses on-demand online. There is a free 7-day trial, and after that it is $25 a month. 

A virtual wellness studio with live and pre-recorded lessons has been initiated by Prahran's Amount of Us. Physio-led Pilates, yoga, mediation, HIIT, barre and more are included in courses, along with lifestyle workshops with experts. Access to 40 live classes and unlimited pre-recorded classes is offered for $25 a week. Classes for people are $9.