Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Success


AI is shaping marketing, irrevocably so. Isn’t it time humans leave robotic work to robots and spend more time doing what they do better than machines? Artificial Intelligence can beef up marketing capabilities. More and more marketing leaders are implementing AI technologies to take their game to the next level. The use cases of artificial intelligence marketing - AI marketing are diverse- from online advertising to finding patterns in the customer journey- Artificial intelligence can enhance marketing at all levels. With the immense potential that AI brings to the marketing world, it’s time to learn how you can harness the power of AI marketing!


Marketing AI - Marketing AI is of two types- independent and integrated AI. The independent AI takes a narrow approach to perform tasks, whereas the integrated AI is broad and part of something bigger than itself. For instance, Netflix’s recommendation results from integrated machine learning that gives viewers suggestions based on their behavior and preferences. But had it been independent AI handling it, the viewers would need to download another application to get those suggestions. The same goes for MarTech solutions such as CDPs and CRMs- they too leverage integrated AI to enhance marketing functions.


Marketing Goals and Data - Marketers need a roadmap with a clear vision to make artificial intelligence work for them. For the AI-powered marketing automation tools to work efficiently, you need to fractionate large parts into decisive steps that the computers can understand and achieve. There have to be specific goals that a machine can work on and produce results at scale. When marketers have accurate information about their customers and prospects, AI can combine it all to produce powerful insights. But while AI is at work, you also need someone who can corroborate the results and validate data quality.


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