The order of references is as follows: Author's surname, personal name (Year): Title, Publisher or journal name, Number of pages or Publication number, Other information.
Foreign authors are also preceded by a surname followed by a comma and/or personal name, respectively.
this is abbreviated, followed by the bibliographic data above. The above bibliographic data must be attached in full to all sources, this is the only way in which references are valid. In the text of the bibliography, it is not enough to refer to sources of foreign figures and tables; they must be referred to locally.

References should be placed in footnotes, as they are more visible and since thereafter the bibliography described in the footnotes below is almost non-existent can be generated automatically. If you don't know how to do it, ask the author of the essay (, they will explain it to you, and they can also write you a dissertation if you ask!! You can create a footnote by clicking the "Insert footnote" button instead of the apply link. The program enters the serial number, then jumps to the bottom of the page and waits for the text. It should either be printed or, if it is already in the text, mark it and use CTRL X on the clipboard at the bottom of the page and CTRL V on the clipboard, paste it in the right place.

A bibliography is very easy to compile if all citations are in footnotes. You need to switch between "View", "Normal" and then "View", "Title" and "should use the sharp foot command. This will open the bottom window where you are in the queue for all the footnotes. Then select Edit, Select All, select all, CTRL X to go to the clipboard, then go to the end of the dissertation and use the CTRL V key to paste the bibliographic subtitle. Article numbers are still included in this raw bibliography. These spaces must be removed one at a time before sorting. As a source of literature, it is worth mentioning not only the processed literature, but also all
also the main work, the note from which you studied, studied and which is related to the topic. Usually such works are on micro- and macroeconomics, management, marketing, organization, business economics, corporate finance or other major subjects. It is advisable to add them to the compiled list at the end.