Runes are overpowered items that can increase the power of an item beyond what it can achieve on its own. In this guide, we’ll go over D2R Ladder Items and Diablo 2 Resurrected Rune Farming and where you can do it effectively in the game.

The Chaos Sanctuary

Chaos sanctuary is slightly different but still a sanctuary. Nonetheless chaos sanctuary same idea. You get into that high monster density and just kill as fast as you can. If you have a character that can clear these out with speed, this is also the Diablo 2 Resurrected best high rune farming spot.


Another location to farm for High Runes is Travincal. Comparatively, this location has a comparatively high drop rate, so the probability of you obtaining a valuable high rune would be high.

The farming technique for Travincal is similar to the Secret Cow Level. Keep killing the enemies that spawn till you get your hands on the rune.

Arcane Sanctuary

Arcane Sanctuary is another place where you can expect to obtain good high-level Runes.

The gist here is that the ghosts in this place have a limited drop pool, so by killing them, you automatically have a higher chance of dropping runes. Make sure not to kill them off the path, and do check the end of the paths for chests.

These chests carry high-level loot within them, including runes.

The Secret Cow Level

To find Ber, Jah, Cham or Zod runes, doing a lot of grinding is inevitable. Bosses have 10-20x higher chance to drop these runes than regular monsters, from Duriel dropping Ber runes once every 42.945 kills, to Hephasto The Armorer dropping Zod runes once every 192.066 kills.

The best way of acquiring these high tier runes is by killing lots and lots of monsters. The best farming spot for that is the incredibly monster-dense Secret Cow Level, which you can access through a Red Portal by cubing together a Wirt’s Leg and a Tome of town portal in Act1.

Normal Cows (Hell Bovines) have an 1:730k chance to drop a Ber rune, and an 1:2560k chance to drop a Zod rune. Despite these low chances, such high runes are still the most likely to be found by farming cows, as about 350 to 450 Hell Bovines appear on the Secret Cow Level. To efficiently farm the Cow Level, your character build of choice should be one that deals a huge amount of area damage, allowing you to cut through Cows quickly.

In addition to being the best source for high-tier runes, the Cow Level is also the best source for socketable base items. In conclusion, it is the go-to place if your aim is to acquire high-tier runewords.

Farming Countess

The Countess is a rune farming guide and she's not a good location for anything above Estrone so you can break down her two different drop tables, so the Countess has a unique room drop table that drops up to Estrone and she also has her Monster Drop Table which could potentially drop up to a low rune but though the odds of going past an eastern is very minuscule, so if you're trying to farm anything Estrone or below definitely the Countess is a great location.

In normal difficulty, the countess maps are a lot smaller which should help you guys find the cow just a little bit easier. The count is a great location for anything below an instrument if you want to try and prioritize keys over runes higher players' difficulty or a larger group will be optimal only focusing on runes solo is your best bet.

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