Posterizers increase the odds of Nba 2k22 Mt launching one on the player's opponent during NBA 2k22. Slithery Finisher: Increases the player's ability to glide through traffic while avoiding contact in gathers and finishes at the center.

Fearless Finisher - Increases the player's ability to absorb contact while still finishing. Also reduces the amount energy lost from contact layups. Fast Twitch - This badge reduces the time the player takes to complete a layup or dunk around the edge.

Quick First Step - When playing through triple threat or after an expansion, ball players can make faster, and more efficient, launches. Dimer - when playing in the half-court, passes made by Dimers to open shooters yield the shot's percentage to increase.

Bail Out - Passing out of the layup or jump shot yields fewer errant passes than normal. Furthermore, it helps in the passing of double teams in NBA 2k22. Bullet Passer: Increases the speed at which a player can get the ball out of their hands and the speed at which they pass.

Clamps - Defenders have access to faster cut-off movements and are more efficient when bumping or hip riding the ball handler. Rim Protector improves the player's ability to block shots, lowers the risk of being caught in the crosshairs, and lets you access specific block animations.

Worm - When boxed out, rebounders mt 2k22 have greater success at swimming around and finding the right position to rebound. At-risk players are less successful shooting when contested by players with this badge. Additionally, this badge increases shot defense scores when protecting an opponent.