Outlook rules are the automatic rules that are performed on incoming email messages. For instance, a rule will automatically filter all the messages from a specific sender into a folder to review later. When you set the rules, you can streamline your inbox, which helps you become more efficient. 

But sometimes, Outlook users encounter issues Like Outlook Mac rules not working. So, when you troubleshoot these common errors, it will help fix the broken rules to get back to a clean inbox.

Causes of Outlook Rules Not Working

Several unrelated and different errors prevent from running Outlook rules automatically. Here is the compiled list of causes for Outlook rules not working correctly.

  1. Corruption while sending or receiving the settings file.
  2. Rules exceed the rules quota established for the mailbox.
  3. Corruption while using IMAP or POP3 account.
  4. Outlook rules are set to run on one computer only.

Outlook Mac Rules Not Working- What to Do?

Outlook Mac rules not working issue arises because rules run automatically on messages. So, you can troubleshoot it by manually applying the rules to messages which you have received already.

  1. Tap to the mail button.
  2. Now, click on the folder on which you want to apply the rule.
  3. Now, you will see a message menu, tap on rules and point to apply and then apply.

These are the steps that you need to perform to avoid facing Outlook rules not working issue on Mac devices.

How to Deal with Outlook Rules Not Working on Windows 10!!

It is essential that rules work correctly, as using an email client with the rules is pointless. If Outlook rules are not working, then you need to find the solution to fix the issue. To troubleshoot the problem, you need to delete the rules. And, to delete the rules, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Proceed to Outlook and tap on the File tab.
  2. From the info, click to manage rules and alerts.
  3. It will help to open the rules and alert windows.
  4. From here, choose the rules that you want to delete.
  5. You will see a delete button; click on yes to confirm.
  6. After confirming it, tap the apply button and replace the deleted ones, tap on the new rule and proceed ahead.

By following the simple procedure, you can smoothly delete the rules and get rid of the issue of Outlook rules not working on Windows 10.


Try using the methods mentioned above and deal with the issue of Outlook rules not working correctly. Follow these steps, and you can smoothly get rid of the problem.