Let us begin the read with the reason that gave birth to the necessity or need for cryptocurrency wallet services – cyber crooks or hackers, who have been finding new ways to attack crypto accounts and rob them. With that, we know that crypto safety is a great concern and then, we came across the Coinbase Wallet service which is a browser extension, a desktop application and a mobile application.

We would recommend you to join the wallet community but we understand if you do not want to make any decision before getting some extensive data. Therefore, we bring you a small section with the wallet features, which would be followed by procedural steps to get the service installed for your browsers, your mobile phones, or your desktops.

What are the compatibility criteria for the wallet service?

As you can understand by the subject head, this part of the read is extremely direct – it is created to know the compatibility criteria for the Coinbase Wallet extension, which basically refers to the browsers that can help you yield from the service. And they are:

  • Safari Browser
  • Edge Browser
  • Brave Browser
  • Chrome Browser

For some reason, we think that you should also know about the major searches related to the wallet extensions are Chrome and Safari, whereas Coinbase Wallet Extension Edge and Brave aren’t preferred as much.

Wondering about the Coinbase Wallet for Windows 10?

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll tell you all about the features of the wallet service that makes it special and totally worth it and has launched its newest version for the Windows 10 OS:

  • Safety of user data and security of user funds are major concerns for the service
  • The wallet grants the users to close direct trade transactions from their accounts
  • Digital asset holdings and wallet storing allow interest earnings on DEXs
  • Trade route along with the service interface offers extremely easy trade routes
  • It is available in both the browser extension version as well as a desktop app for Windows

Go for the Coinbase wallet app for desktop or the extension

This part of the read has been created with only one aim – to help you with the explicit steps that you would have to follow as and when you decide on becoming a part of the exclusive Coinbase Wallet service for both the desktop app and the browser extension.

Steps to get the Extension

  1. Launch your browser.
  2. Search for the wallet extension.
  3. Select it and then, go for “Add to Chrome”.
  4. Go with “Add Extension” to get on the toolbar.
  5. Wait for the extension installation.
  6. Choose to launch the wallet extension.

Steps to get the App for the Desktop

  1. Head to the Wen Store for your browsers.
  2. Search for the Coinbase Wallet app.
  3. Download it and log into your existing account.
  4. If you do not have an account, tap “Create a new wallet”.


So, we reached the end of this read and what a journey it was – remarkable and similar to the journey of “cryptocurrency is a fun digital currency” to “cryptocurrency is the best digital currency to have such a financial worth”.

That’s right. This journey from a fun element on the Internet to being the most priced digital asset gave cyber crooks a window to carry on with their unfair means, and it gave us crypto wallets. One of those wallet services is the Coinbase Wallet, which has been discussed above for its high potential.