This week, new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield updates were released through Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. According to the official patch notes to the update, this doesn't happen to have much effect. Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon on the shop also will not be affected in any way.
Nintendo remarked that this update solves this problem: In on the web and local wireless battles, certain Pokemon icons can not be displayed correctly. At the same time, several issues are fixed to improve the gameplay experience. The exact specification of all these changes remains a mystery, however, it seems to have been discovered.

According to Serebii, one of these simple fixes includes fixes involving Groudon and Kyogre. Before the update, Trick won't be able to fail on Groudon and Kyogre. After the update, this can be no longer an issue. Who knows, why Nintendo didn't outline these inside patch notes, but it is notorious because of its frustratingly vague patch notes.

In the subsequent few days, as players have the patch, there can be more information in regards to the update, but, up to now, it is all we know. Cheap Buy Shiny Pokemon is a good choice for many players. That is, make sure you download it before playing. To download it, be sure your console is attached to the Internet. After that, just get back to the main screen on the console, start the game, and this will start downloading.

As for when the next update with the game will arrive, you never know. Nintendo won't release game updates frequently, this also week’s update surprised players. If the over and over again of the subsequent update arrives, Nintendo might not announce it beforehand.