Because of the recent release from the 1.9.0 patch for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it appears inevitable that this game could eventually be updated to 2.0. With this potential version, Nintendo provides the opportunity to add new buildings that fans are eager to visit. 

The Roost
The Roost is generally located below the museum and it is a cafe where players can obtain coffee and talk to the barista Brewster in the previous Animal Crossing game. In some cases, players may even temporarily serve as baristas, to be able to place orders for villagers and special visitors. Many players Cheap Buy ACNH Bells on the shop.

This game feature adds new mechanics to your game and gives fans additional opportunities to find out about their favorite characters, and that's why it ought to be added inside the New Horizons 2.0 update.

Although Celeste can nonetheless be found wandering the island in the meteor shower in New Horizons, she's not a permanent resident from the town like Blathers. In previous games, Celeste is available on the top floor with the museum, where she ran an observatory. There, players can view the stars as well as create their very own constellations. 

Adding this feature to New Horizons allows players to vary the night sky to help promote customize the island. Potentially, players may visit Celeste to acquire predictions about if your next meteor shower might occur.

These buildings provide a better infrastructure feel for the player’s island, making fans believe their development in the previously deserted island has a real weight inside the game. In order to better develop the island, players will often buy Animal Crossing Bells.The construction or upgrade of the latest buildings may also provide players with new goals, thereby making the lifespan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons longer.