Tired of the ordinary lighters in the past, novel and practical lighters are now sought after by people. Using the principle of plasma flameless arc technology, the dual arc plasma lighter USB rechargeable was born, with energy concentration, recycling, and no smoke. , tasteless, windproof and other characteristics, adapt to the concept of national environmental protection and sustainable development, serve the people, and can also provide more application scenarios.


Comparison of Dual Arc Plasma Lighter USB Rechargeable and ordinary lighters

Dual arc plasma lighter USB rechargeable have more advantages than ordinary lighters.Although ordinary lighters are cheap, there are certain safety hazards. To share a little knowledge, many lighters on the market are actually like an untimely bomb. Now summer is coming, and the outdoor temperature soars to 40°C in minutes, and here In this case, lighters can easily explode at high temperatures, and there are not a few cases of burns and injuries. It is better to buy a practical, high-quality, high-safety dual arc plasma lighter USB rechargeable.

Features of Dual Arc Plasma Lighter USB Rechargeable

  1. Compared with the previous single arc, the upgraded double arc has exposed ignition contacts, which will increase the ignition area and speed, and the ignition speed is 3 times faster than the single arc lighter, which is more convenient and fast.
  2. A more efficient and environmentally friendly ignition method. Compared with traditional lighters and matches, lighters can light candles, stoves, fireworks, etc. more conveniently, safely and quickly. No open flame, will not burn your fingers when using it, nor will it produce harmful gas!
  3. Can be connected to USB charging, built-in 220 mAh large-capacity battery, no need to charge the lighter! There is no need to add kerosene and fuel oil to reduce environmental pollution. The USB cable can be connected to power sockets, computers, mobile power supplies, etc., and the power indicator can display the power in real time. (the indicator light will turn off when fully charged)
  4. Safe to use, no hidden dangers. The safety switch ensures it's always off when swiped down, and the recessed power button doubles as a safety switch to avoid accidentally touching the ignition button when you put it in a pocket or bag. The magic lighter also turns itself off after 7 seconds of use, and automatically stops charging when fully charged.
  5. Cool appearance, easy to carry. The arc design with a sense of technology, attracts the attention of others at any time, and is full of praise for friends gathering. It is small in size, can be easily put into the pocket, has a comfortable feel and stylish appearance, ergonomic design, and comfortable grip. Aluminium with a streamlined design. Ignition has never been easier and more elegant.

The dual arc plasma lighter usb rechargeable was born to solve people's puzzle in using fire, eliminating the low-efficiency ordinary lighters in the past,after learning about the features and advantages of dual arc plasma lighter USB rechargeable, we can know recyclable, convenient, efficient and safe dual arc plasma lighter should become the mainstream of today's society.