Introduction of baghouse mechanical air cooler

In order to cool the high temperature flue gas to a suitable temperature range for processing, air coolers are often used in industrial production. Our company has produced a baghouse mechanical air cooler flue gas cooling equipment. The baghouse mechanical air cooler is an indirect tube heat exchanger. The cooled heat medium is sent out from the upper part of the cooler, the heat medium flows turbulently in the tube, the heat is transferred to the cooling tube, and then discharged from the outlet and rotated, and then unloaded from the lower part of the cooler. The inertial force stays in the ash bin. The cold air outside the densely packed pipes is fed by several axial fans on one side of the densely packed cooling pipes. This part of the cool air moves around the tube banks outside the fork bank, removing heat from the cooling tubes and venting into the atmosphere on the other side of the cooler.

Structure of baghouse mechanical air cooler

The baghouse mechanical air cooler is mainly composed of an upper box, a cooling tube bundle, a fan, an ash hopper, a pipeline, and a discharge device. The tube bundle is the basic part of heat transfer. It is composed of steel pipes, tube boxes, support beams and side beams. The cooling medium in the steel pipes passes through, and its heat is taken away by the airflow outside the pipes. The fan is used to drive the air through the tube bundle to take away the heat of the cooling medium, thereby promoting the cooling of the heat medium. The air cooler adopts axial flow fan.

Advantages of baghouse mechanical air cooler

  1. Generally speaking, air cooling is more economical than water cooling. With the rapid development of industrial water use and a substantial increase, there is a shortage of water supply. Air cooling largely solves the problem of industrial water supply in water-deficient areas.
  2. Has higher economic benefits. Air cooling is more economical than water cooling, even in areas with abundant water resources under normal conditions.
  3. In line with the concept of environmental protection, for example, the use of river water for cooling and discharge by enterprises close to the river is itself thermal pollution of the water. The water temperature will destroy the ecological balance in the river channel. If the cooling equipment leaks, the river pollution will be more serious. Air cooling reduces water pollution in industrial areas and improves environmental quality.

The baghouse mechanical air cooler has the characteristics of energy saving, beautiful appearance, environmental protection and human nature. It is the perfect choice for environments that require ventilation, cooling, dust removal, and odor removal.