Comparison of CNC die casting for semiconductor and traditional die casting

Why CNC die casting for semiconductor has become popular in many factories, and what is the difference between it and traditional die casting. Traditional die casting is to inject molten non-ferrous metal into the cavity of the prepared mold, and after cooling, form finished products one by one. This technology has low efficiency and low precision. CNC die casting for semiconductor is a numerical control machining method, which is precision machining under computer numerical control. Its advantages are high precision, high efficiency and high degree of automation. Some extremely special or complex surface treatments can be achieved under this processing technology. Such as chamfering, opaque grain or grain engraving, punching treatment at the bend of the aluminum shell, non-planar surface treatment, etc., it can be said that even the most demanding and difficult details can be completed at the bottom.

Product classification and process coverage

CNC die casting for semiconductor: CNC processing, CNC lathe processing, milling processing, drilling processing, grinding processing, turning processing, turning and milling processing, wire cutting processing, machining, non-standard customization, special-shaped parts customization, precision hardware parts customization, mechanical hardware zero Parts processing, automation equipment parts processing, general hardware parts processing, auto and motorcycle parts processing, medical equipment parts processing, stainless steel processing, copper processing, aluminum processing, aluminum alloy processing, copper alloy processing, alloy steel processing, Carbon steel processing, high-speed steel processing, various metal parts processing.

How to choose between CNC die casting for semiconductor and traditional die casting

These two processing methods have their own characteristics and are indispensable skills for aluminum alloy shell processing manufacturers in production and operation. The two can achieve complementary effects, allowing manufacturers to provide better services to customers. In order to produce and process a qualified aluminum casing, the corresponding processing technology must be selected according to its production needs, and the production cost must also be considered.

Existing customers will formulate detailed and suitable processing plans for customers before producing and processing aluminum shells. Precision CNC die casting for semiconductor is indispensable for quality assurance, and traditional die-casting methods are also available, which not only ensures that every production requirement of the product can be met, but also ensures that the production cost is minimized, thus providing exquisite, Qualified aluminum shell products and meticulous service.