3C electronic Product Overview

3C products are a general term for computers, communications and consumer electronics, among which mobile phones are the most important part of 3C products. There are many types of parts in the 3C industry, many parts do not require high technology, and there is a large space for domestic substitution. The vigorous development of domestic mobile phones has brought a huge terminal market to downstream components.

With the significant increase in the income and consumption power of domestic residents and the commercialization of 4G, people's demand for mobile terminals such as smartphones, tablet computers, and wearable devices continues to expand, and the Chinese consumer electronics market is showing a rapid growth trend. China is the largest manufacturer of 3C products, and more than 70% of the world's electronic products are manufactured and assembled in China.

China is the largest manufacturer of 3C products, but the degree of automation is still at a low level, and there is huge room for improvement. The manufacture of 3C products can be divided into production, processing, component assembly, complete machine assembly, maintenance, packaging and other links. More than 70% of the world's electronic products are manufactured and assembled in China, and China's 3C processing market has a huge demand for production equipment. At present, the automation rate of production equipment in my country is still at a low level, and the industry penetration is far from saturated.

3C electronic parts processing common problems

With the development of science and technology and continuous innovation, the market's processing requirements for 3C semiconductor electronic parts are gradually increasing, and there are higher-level evaluation standards for product appearance quality and processing dimensional accuracy. At present, most manufacturers have great problems in the CNC machining process control of 3C semiconductor electronic parts, both in terms of machining quality and machining efficiency.

  1. The external effect of the product is poor
  2. Low dimensional accuracy
  3. Multi-clamp processing, low efficiency

3C electronic parts processing development trend

3C industry machining trends: high-efficiency machining, long-life machining, and high-precision machining;

Development momentum: material changes, fierce competition, and differentiated needs.

The high-precision machining of the 3C industry is divided into: burr-free machining, precision machining of waterproof surface, forming contour surface machining, appearance machining and high-gloss machining.


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