Learn about cabinet with liquid cooling system

For industrial refrigeration, the liquid cooling system cools the water flowing into the equipment, and then convects the high temperature outside, and when its temperature increases, it flows back to the water tank to form a cycle. The most widely used in the industry is to use the Integral liquid cooling cabinet to cool down some temperatures, which is used for the temperature adjustment of some products and equipment. Each refrigeration equipment has its own specific refrigeration system, which is basically composed of a circulation system, a water circulation or an air circulation system, a condenser, a compressor, and an electrical control system.

Structure of the Integral liquid cooling cabinet

The Integral liquid cooling cabinet is generally composed of three upper, middle and lower water-cooling plates and panels on both sides; After the electronic components are heated, the heat is guided to the cold plates on both sides through the cold guide module, and the heat is taken away by the medium in the cold plate; The structural strength of the integral chassis is better than that of the assembled chassis. It is combined with at least two welding methods, which has high process requirements.

Integral liquid cooling cabinet features

1.balancing the heat of CPU

Because water can absorb a large amount of heat and keep the temperature unchanged, the temperature of CPU in the water cooling system is well controlled, and sudden operations will not cause instantaneous and significant changes in the internal temperature of CPU. Therefore, it is more conducive to the stable work of CPU and provides great help for DIY overclocking.

2.low noise

Due to the large surface area of the heat exchanger, only low-speed fans are needed to dissipate heat, so water cooling is mostly matched with low-speed fans. In addition, the working noise of the water pump is generally not obvious, so the overall heat dissipation system is very quiet compared with the air cooling system.


The chassis with overall relative sealing is adopted. All boards and components except the power supply are placed in a relatively sealed space, and a sealing strip is added at the connection. The invention is mainly used for heat dissipation and dust prevention of internal components of computer host.

However, the liquid cooling system also has an adverse side. If the circulating liquid leaks out, it will wet the circuit board inside the computer. This situation is quite dangerous. Even if you have survived such a situation before, it does not mean that you will have the same luck next time. In addition, the installation of liquid cooling is more troublesome than air cooling, and requires some experience, which will affect the use of ordinary users.

All in all, the Integral liquid cooling cabinet can precisely control the temperature required by the equipment, thereby greatly improving the efficiency and experience. Simple installation, easy operation, reasonable design and excellent brand, it is an indispensable companion in production and life.