NBA2K Ball Sprint Method

method one

There are controller settings in the Steam settings, the controller category in it, what controller you are, just tick the controller (like the Beitong controller, you can check the XBox), the new controller will encounter this problem especially, check it It can usually be resolved after that. 2K MT is fun.

Method Two

If you have checked the controller settings and there is no problem, it may be a power supply problem. Important! If you can't speed up every time, and then re-plug and unplug the handle, you can speed up for a while, and then you can't speed up again later, then it is the power supply problem. If the handle is wired, use the USB interface on the motherboard on the back of the chassis, not the front USB Interface, the wireless handle can be fully charged or try a new battery.

Method three

Some handles have been used for a long time, and the left joystick will not be able to push down the top, so that the character cannot run forward and accelerate, but can accelerate left and right. In this case, you can try to clean the joystick seam and remove the dust from the joystick seam. After that, it can be used normally. If that doesn't work, consider using an electronic device rust remover to clean the handle seams. You can try to buy 2K MT at a6k.


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