This problem has also reached the highest echelons of millionaires and celebrities, who have been forced to look for love on dating apps.

However, celebrities do not use the same applications to flirt as the rest of the citizens, since they also need discretion caroandlace, so as not to end up in the press every time they have a date, and the desire that someone Be with them for your person, and not for fame or money. 

For this reason, given the need for celebrities to interact with people like them, exclusive dating apps were born, designed especially for them.

The difference between normal dating apps and celebrity dating apps is in the barriers to entry. All of them have a selection committee that, assessing and verifying your profile, decide whether you can enter or not. Most of the time, income, Instagram followers, or education are taken into account. 

Here is a list of the apps that celebrities use the most to flirt, from Ben Affleck, Cara Delevigne or Demi Lovato.

Raya is the queen of dating apps for celebrities, or at least the most popular, due to the number of celebrities who have been users, such as Joe Jonas or Ben Affleck. Among the selection criteria is the profession, the followers in networks and even the physical. Currently there is a very long queue, so it is almost impossible to enter. 
This application has been one of the company's best kept secrets. It is only accessible by invitation, and was kept quiet for a haven of exclusivity. In addition, people are invited by people who are already inside, or by accounts selected for their "desirability".