of consoles as well as the brand new NBA 2K22 MT systems from Sony and Microsoft. So, basketball fans might obviously be questioning about things like crossplay between one-of-a-kind systems and generations of consoles. The developers of NBA 2K21 have now presented some readability on how this can paintings for his or her recreation.

In a recent roundtable interview, the studio showed that "pass-gen" gameplay--that is, people on PS5 gambling against those on PS4 or Xbox Series X and Xbox One-- is "genuinely a no."

"Cross-gen is genuinely a no, because the following-gen revel in is a brand new recreation built from the floor up," the lolga.com studio stated. "You couldn't have Halo four play Halo 5 on line. That just wouldn't make any feel. We're in that equal boat here."