Arctic Blast is a pain relief drop. It is an organic analgesic that is very effective. The product contains ingredients  that provide relief from pain naturally. This analgesic can be used as a supplement for your back, wrist, head or any other body part where you have constant pain. It is safe to use and you can find pain relief without any side effects. The product has been formulated by Kevin Richardson. The main component of this supplement is DSMO,  a nutrient that eradicates pained from the body and makes it pain free. DSMO has a molecular structure which can be absorbed by the skin to work on the  painful area and make it pain free. Other ingredients are also used in this product.  These have undergone studies and have been proven to be very effective.  The product is so effective that the pain alleviation is noticeable. Your painful muscles and joints become pain-free and  you will observe that movement becomes comfortable. It grants mobility of joints and relaxes the muscles.