Have you lost access to your Exodus wallet? Want to conveniently regain access to your wallet or back it up? Well, if that is something you have been looking to do for a while now, then this post has got your back. Well, all the Exodus wallet users are provided with the backup recovery phrase which is also known as the secret recovery phrase using which users can easily back up their wallets.

This backup phrase comes in handy whenever you need to restore your wallet in case you ever lose access to your device or someone breaks into it. Thus, it is pretty evident that you will lose your funds in case you do not have this backup phrase with you.

Thus, to help you understand this procedure in a better way, let us walk you through the complete process to backup your Exodus wallet in a few easy steps. However, to help you understand all of this in a better way, we have discussed these steps at length.

Steps involved in backing up Exodus wallet

  1. Open the Exodus wallet on your device through its app or the extension
  2. At this stage, you need to log in to your wallet and click on the "settings" icon
  3. In the same menu, you need to open the "Backup" tab
  4. Now, you will be requested to set a security password
  5. Please, create a very strong password or use a password manager to do so
  6. Then, you need to re-enter the password and make sure it matches the previous one
  7. The screen will then show you a 12-word backup phrase
  8. Now, create one or two copies of this backup phrase
  9. After following all the instructions regarding the backup phrase, click "Next"
  10. When done choosing the correct word from the given words, click "Finish"

When you are done with this procedure, your Exodus wallet will be backed up successfully. So, whenever you lose access to your funds, you may be required to enter this backup phrase as and when needed to regain wallet access.


Creating a backup for your wallet, no matter which wallet you are using is very necessary as it helps you to access your wallet on any device of your choice. Apart from this, this also comes in handy in different scenarios where you are not able to enter your wallet or if you ever lose the device on which you were using the wallet.