Martech Interview with Brett Beveridge on omnichannel retail


Brett Beveridge, Founder & CEO of T-ROC, talks about how T-ROC combines the power of people and technology solutions in an Martech Interview on omnichannel retail to optimize its customers’ omnichannel retail shopping experience. Innovation and creativity are probably our most highly prized attributes and every “T-ROCer” is encouraged to dive into problems, big or small, and find ways to solve them.


Decisions don’t come down from the top; team members are encouraged to use their own sound judgement and make decisions according to their own knowledge and understanding of how the company would react. As a serial entrepreneur, you’re always faced with the frightening statistic that 99 percent of new businesses fail. VIBA brings a completely new customer experience for shoppers that need immediate answers on a particular product or service in-store or even from home.


T-ROC is a retail managed services provider that combines the power of people and technology solutions to optimize its customers’ omnichannel retail shopping experience. Among the recognized many challenges, particularly at big-box retailers where consultative sales people aren’t equipped to help customers understand and choose the latest in technology, such as cell phones and rate plans. 


About Brett Beveridge - Founder and CEO of The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), Brett is an entrepreneurial, results-driven executive with over 20 years of experience and success in the retail and technology industries. Brett is a retail expert, experienced entrepreneur, ForbesBooks author, and speaker. 


About T-ROC - The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC) is home to four sales solutions companies that enable clients to fulfill all of their sales performance needs. The Retail Outsource (TRO): an in and out of store sales performance management company; Mobile Insight (MI): real-time field reporting and business intelligence


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