Netgear routers are a popular choice. They produce good quality routers with no error and provide high speed internet. You can connect multiple devices to your router and access the internet. Besides that, you should also be aware about the basic settings of the router and functions like changing the password and username. In order to access the Netgear router settings, you must know the default credentials of the router. The basic settings that you should be aware about includes IP address, username and password. The Netgear switch default password is password. When you purchase any router, it is set with default credentials for easy access. You can later setup your router and modify the settings. You can setup the router easily by yourself. One of the important step is netgear Wi-Fi password change while configuring other settings. You need the password to access the network through the router. Password acts like a key to access any device. You should keep on changing the password of your router at regular intervals for a better security.
You can login to the router and change Netgear default Wi-Fi password. Follow the steps mentioned below.
Steps to reset password:
 Connect a device, mobile, laptop or your computer to the router.
 Open a web browser and type in the search bar and click enter.
 Then, type the username and the password as admin. The default password for Netgear router is the word spelled password.
 You will be directed to the settings of the router. Click on wireless settings.
 Click on Wi-Fi name and password.
 Type the old password of the router.
 Create and type a new password twice.
 Click ok to save and apply the changes.
When you login to your router now, the Netgear router default password would be changed to the one you just customized. You can enter the same and login to your router. Now that the password is changed. Let’s have a look at the steps to configure Netgear router. The steps are almost similar to the ones that are mentioned above. Before beginning, you have to connect your router and modem through an Ethernet cable. Connect one of the internet devices to the router and follow the
steps mentioned below.
Steps to configure Netgear router:
 Go to a web browser and type the default IP address, in the address bar.
 Press enter and you will be directed to the settings of the router.
 Here, you have to enter a username and a password to login to the router.
 The default username of the Netgear router is admin and the default password is password.
 Enter the same and press enter. You will be logged into the router.
 You can then navigate to Wi-Fi settings and make the necessary modifications.

Then, click on apply to save all the changes. Resetting the credentials and editing other settings will help you avoid unwanted access to your network. The connection will be private and access to password can connect you with the Wi-Fi.