If you are one of those people who like the bright rays of the sun, and if you enjoy watching and feeling the sea breeze and waves out on the sea, then KaterBlue will be happy to provide you with the best of our yacht rent service. A yacht is a luxurious boat and can be a sailing yacht or a mortar yacht or even a Super Yacht. The KaterBlue platform offers many yachts but mainly of two types, which are-

  1. Private Yacht Charter
  2. Super Yacht Charter


  1. Private Yacht Charter

The Private yacht Charter Services provided by KaterBlue covers a wide variety of VIP and luxury services, where a person can rent a modern or classical beautiful private yacht from us and for any length of time.


Various types of yachts are offered by us to rent,  which can be a luxury yacht, motor yacht, motor boat, sailing yacht, catamaran, gullet, houseboat, speed boat, jet ski, canoe/kayak, activity craft. We even supply and install marine supplies, such as pontoons or wooden and aluminum floating pontoons etc. A private yacht can be your once in a lifetime great choice, it can be rented for you to spend some beautiful moments in the middle of the sea with your friends, your life partner, or your loved ones.

  • Under the Private Yacht Charter we provide, you will be given all the services of the Private Yacht Charter.
  • With this, private yachts ranging from 12 meters to 30 meters will be made available.
  • In this, you can easily take a sea walk with your family.
  • You can enjoy the VIP yachting experience with Our Private Yacht Charter.
  • You are given a private place in the middle of the sea where you can spend your best holiday with a Private Yacht Charter. A noisy party - no problem. Peace and confidentiality - no problem.
  • You can enjoy a Private Yacht Charter Holiday with great friends, peers and associates.



  1. Super Yacht Charter

A Super yacht charter is also called luxury yacht charter. If you can afford to rent a luxury yacht then you should definitely rent a super yacht charter at some point in your life, and take a sea excursion, where you can spend some moments of the best luxury life with your family, with your dearest and closest. Do you want to impress business partners or future business partners? Well, try a Super Yacht Charter. The service is totally discreet and confidential.

In Super Yacht Charter, you get your private luxury yacht about 30  to 120 meters long and wonderfully decorated, where you can enjoy the most amazing luxuries and standard of service next to none. Do enjoy your luxury yacht charter holiday with us at KaterBlue.

Super yacht charter itself has many advantages such as-

  • A Super Yacht Charter is totally luxurious
  • A super yacht Charter is perfectly private and confidential.
  • The Super Yacht Charter comes fully serviced such as hostess, waitress, captain, chef, stewardess, deckhand, 1st mate, massage service and if you want to bring your children we can also organise a teacher or baby sitter.
  • Spending time in the middle of the sea is a way of perfect privacy in itself.
  • Along with this, you are given many other facilities around the world which you can get only on luxury super yachts.
  • You can rent a luxury super yacht for as many days or hours you want.


For booking our Private Yacht Charter or Luxury Yacht Charter in any way, you can book through the official website of The Kater Blue, under which you get a variety of options apart from Private Yachts and Luxury Yachts. You will know about it through our official website.


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