So, do you want to know what you have to do if you want an optimized crypto experience? Well, we understand that resources are limited and even the crypto tokens have begun to show signs of it. And just to be on the safe side, the concept of crypto swapping was discovered and launched into the world, which was also introduced as a service offered by the Metamask Extension.

Now, if you don’t know what MetaMask is then, let us tell you it is a cryptocurrency wallet that helps crypto traders in storing and safeguarding their Ethereum tokens along with other Ether-based tokens. And additionally, traders on the wallet platform also let you interact with tons of decentralized applications. Here, in the read below, we’ll take you through the steps to sign up and swap your crypto.

Become a member of the MetaMask Wallet platform today!

The first thing that you would have to do is get a Chromium-base web browser like Chrome, and Brave, or you can also go for Firefox. Then, move to get the MetaMask Extension added to your browser through the official website of the service. Wait for the installation to be completed and then, launch the plugin for registering on it. Now, we’ll walk you through the steps to do the same:

  1. “Get Started”> “Create a wallet”.
  2. Read the official terms and tap “I Agree”.
  3. Make sure you have a password that is hard to crack.
  4. Follow the instruction on the screen.
  5. Complete the steps and end with “Create”.

Note: Please make sure that you cite in a password that you can remember but must not share with anyone. Also, if, post-installation, you cannot find the MetaMask Extension on your toolbar, please get into the icon that looks like a puzzle piece and look for it on the list of installed plugins.

Swapping compatible cryptocurrencies on MetaMask wallet

Here, we have laid down the steps that you need to undergo for making swap transactions and we hope it helps you with optimizing your crypto funds:

  1. Launch the MetaMask extension wallet service.
  2. Look for the “swap” key and go on to hit it.
  3. Choose which tokens to swap between and hit “Get Quotes”.
  4. Compare available quotes from the outcome.
  5. Confirm which of the given quotes is best and preferable.
  6. Hit the “Swap” tab and be patient till the transaction is complete.


This short and exclusively detailed read has been carefully created to help you understand what was the primary cause for the life of all crypto wallets out there – cyber threats to crypto finances. Also, we told you about the MetaMask Chrome extension which has been very popular in providing safety measures for all Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. But that’s not all – we told you about the limited crypto resources that led to swap transactions and also helped you know the steps to undergo on MetaMask for the same.