I disagree. The Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket first outrage was somebody giving their animal crossing character buns and some individual stating they were appropriating black culture. Some people only need to play with the victim and be professionally offended at everything because sufferers get attention.

Eliminating the original Aunt Jemima picture was fairly clear because it's reasonable to find it anachronistic and inappropriate, but I really don't know how folks were offended function as updated art. It was a perfectly innocent picture of a black woman's face I had read was motivated by a genuine person involved with the business. It's almost like the image of a POC is prohibited in advertising unless the product is specially geared towards this culture. Personally I believe that a step backward.

Well that's the sticking point. Are you currently celebrating it? Are they enjoying a free pass to utilize facets of a culture without having to worry about the discrimination which follows for different races? Do they care about the cultural significance it holds, or do they simply think it's fantastic? Is this certain component of the civilization supposed to be shared and taught to other people, or is it generally earmarked for specific people who have in some way earned the right?

Ultimately I think cultural appropriation gets maintained too frequently, but that does not mean there is not conversation to be had about it. However, others commenters do make a point, that some people can develop and encounter racism, bias, etc contrary to their culture, to be called trashy for this, just to turn around and see others carrying parts of it as it is decorative or so on. That doesn't justify policing hair buy bells animal crossing new horizons fashions, but it provides context at the least.