Leading cryptocurrency exchanges operate transparently, the activities of these companies are regulated by authorized organizations. It is real to make money on cryptocurrency trading, so it is important to understand how to cash out bitcoin or any altcoin (an altcoin is any cryptocurrency, except, in fact, bitcoin). Depending on the functionality, the exchange may offer the following options:

Selling bitcoin for fiat money through an integrated direct sale service. That is, you buy the selected fiat currency for bitcoin at the current rate. Then you withdraw fiats from your account in the chosen way (say, by bank transfer or to a bank card).

P2P exchange. In this case, you are selling bitcoin to another site user. Usually, a crypto exchange has a separate service for this, where each user can place orders to buy or sell supported cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

Also, you can always sell bitcoin for fiat as part of your trading strategy. If you do not yet need to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money, you have the opportunity to withdraw bitcoin to a cryptocurrency wallet. Today, many wallets allow you to pay with cryptocurrency in online and offline stores.

Benefits of cashing out bitcoin through a crypto exchange:
The sale is carried out instantly, and the withdrawal process takes a little time (depending on the exchange and the bank);

Most of the leading exchanges charge a very small fee for withdrawing funds in crypto and fiat;

Top exchanges support various withdrawal options, including card withdrawals and bank transfers;

Technically, cashing out bitcoin through a crypto exchange is very simple, the functionality is intuitive;

In case of difficulties with cashing out, you can always contact technical support.

Disadvantages of cashing out bitcoin through a crypto exchange:
Not all exchanges support the conversion of crypto to fiat money, many exchanges work only with certain transfer systems;

If your bitcoins are not stored on the exchange wallet, you must first deposit them to the wallet, and this may be associated with additional fees.

You can find out more useful information in this area thanks to this https://askwallet.io/blogs/how-to-convert-crypto-to-cash site. I think you have a great future.