About on a monthly basis, there had been three small updates that included minor bug fixes, even so, the April 23rd update was the initial big patch. It added NPCs like Redd and Leif in addition to some events like Nature Day, May Day, International Museum Day, and June's ACNH Wedding Season. Several items were also put into the game, for example, the bell-bag rug, homemade cape and crown, the wedding ceremony items, as well as the Thank-You Mom and Thank-You Dad mugs.

Summer update from July 2nd to 30th, 2020. Summer is not a summer without fireworks. "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" added a unique summer fireworks display in August. In addition, Luna can be included in the player's dream, permitting them to upload and go to the island of dreams. For players who wish to show off their islands without worrying about real tourists, the dream island is the best choice.

Fall Update - September 30th, 2020. The fall update introduced everything about Halloween to New Horizons. There were newly added pumpkins growing and make Halloween decorations to impress Jack, who arrived for All Hallow's Eve. At that time, many players Buy ACNH Hats. This update also included the revolutionary skin- and eye-color update, so now players would have green, purple, as well as white skin as long as they chose. Two new spooky reactions appeared in the action as well: Haunt and Scare.

Winter Update - November 19th, 2020. Two new seasonal events were added with Animal Crossing: New Horizons's newest winter update: Turkey Day and Toy Day, coinciding with all the American Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It also added Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years' 2021 things that players can make, buy or snatch from the sky at a balloon. The NPCs of these holidays, Franklin and Jingle, as were both added, bringing the practical benefits of the holidays to islands both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.