①Hot iron pretreatment station

Hot metal pretreatment is mainly desulfurized and slag skimming treatment for subsequent bof steelmaking and refining to provide qualified hot metal, and it is also the main equipment to adjust the supply and demand between blast furnace and converter, and the hot metal is stored in the mixing furnace, mixing hot metal composition and uniform temperature.


Converter is the most important equipment in modern steel, the vast majority of the world's steel mills are converter production of molten steel, other parts of the short process, special steel may use electric arc furnace and other steelmaking equipment.

Furnace to molten iron and scrap steel as raw material, and to the molten iron internal blowing oxygen, so that the impurities in the molten iron and carbon oxidation, and to blow into the high pressure gas to drive the flow of molten iron, floating inclusion, molten iron decarbonization and other effects, the carbon content of molten iron in the general blast furnace is about 4%, converter is an important part of decarbonization.

③Refining furnace

In recent 30 years, there have been more than 30 kinds of refining outside the furnace. The main function of refining outside the furnace is to improve the quality of molten steel, expand the range of varieties, optimize metallurgical production process and improve production efficiency.

The main modern refining equipment is LF and RH refining furnace, RH refining furnace is the main function of removing harmful gas and impurities in molten steel, deep decarburization, LF furnace has heating, desulfurization, deoxidation alloying and other functions.

④Continuous casting

Continuous casting is the continuous casting of molten steel into billet, and then sent to the subsequent rolling production line rolling material.