Instead of a flame, an arc lighter produces heat via a small arc of high-voltage electrical current that's hotter than a traditional lighter, but in a more concentrated area. You activate the purple-hued arc with the push of a button, and simply place whatever you'd like to light directly in the arc's path.

Some models have two arcs that intersect for a particularly cool effect, like the Fukkdua dual arc electric lighter.This means having exposed firing contacts, which will increase firing area and speed. Ignition speed is 3 times faster than single arc lighters.

Arc lighters are a safe, nontoxic alternative to traditional lighters. You should never place your finger into the arc, but if you did, it would cause a similar burn to a flame lighter, but on a smaller area of your skin. The electric current in the arc isn't strong enough to electrocute a person, but never use them with metal pipes as that may carry a greater risk of electric shock. Also, treat them with care and try not to drop them, because a particularly high-impact tumble could damage the electronics.

Arc lighters are easy to use because they don't need to be refilled, just recharged. Unlike lighters that must be filled with liquid, arc lighters are battery powered and rechargeable via USB, which connects to power outlets, computers, power banks, and more. And it has a built-in 220 mAh large capacity battery that will give you enough power per charge.

Compared with traditional lighters and matches, arc lighters can light candles, stoves, fireworks, etc. more conveniently, safely and quickly. No harmful gas is produced, and it has many characteristics such as energy concentration, smokeless, odorless, windproof and so on.

To prevent accidental ignition, the arc lighter is equipped with a safety switch and button.A safety switch makes sure that it’ll always be turned off when slided downwards, and the dented power button is the double insurance avoiding accidental touches of the ignition button when you put it in your pocket or bag. The amazing lighter will also turn itself off after 7 seconds of usage and automatically stops charging after fully charged.

dual arc electric lighter

Arc lighters manufacturer

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