In LIDAR technology applications LASER also used as the source of light because laser is very powerful and it can generate very pure light of one color.

Lidar can be divided into non-imaging and imaging. The key technologies of lidar imaging radar include high-quality controllable laser emission source, laser echo signal receiving technology, two-dimensional or three-dimensional scanning technology, image processing and target recognition algorithm. For many years, people have been focusing on the research of lidar imaging radar technology, and now it has been applied in systems such as robot automatic navigation and target recognition.

The working principle of lidar imaging radar

The working principle of the lidar imaging radar system is based on the laser beam scanning the target scene, receiving the laser radiation reflected by the scene, generating a continuous analog signal, and restoring it to a real-time image of the target scene. The non-scanning imaging radar system is a new type of imaging radar that appeared in the 1990s. Because there is no mechanical scanning device, it can overcome the problems of low frame rate, small field of view, and large volume of traditional scanning lidar. It has the characteristics of high frame rate, wide field of view, and small size, and has broad application prospects in military and commercial fields.

Advantages of lidar imaging radar

1. The images obtained by lidar imaging radar are different from infrared images, allowing the use of algorithms that are simpler than processing infrared scenes to achieve target capture.

2. Lidar imaging radar has extremely high angular resolution, range resolution, and velocity resolution, and can obtain various images of the target (such as azimuth-elevation-distance, distance-speed-intensity), and has anti-interference ability. Compared with microwave radar, it is small in size and weight, and it provides information that ordinary imaging technologies (such as television cameras, aerial photography, and infrared imaging) cannot provide.

LiDAR technology is a very complex technology. Although there has been long-term development, there are still many key technologies that need to be solved. Volume, weight, resolution, imaging velocity and range are also important factors to consider in applications similar to laser imaging.

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