Have you ever been Animal Crossing New Horizons Items a white kid at a predominantly black school? I assure you that your"worldly" viewpoint is from a place of more privilege than you understand. Keep those fingers hot on the keys though.

I mean, all Reddit I visit anecdotes mostly, I was just surprised that no one supplied antithesis anecdotes or attempted talking to the guy, seems odd for what I was told of this website before joining.

If you believe a person is inexperienced, surely it would make sense to talk to them afterward, non? Particularly if they are racist, you would want to discuss politely and alter them correct? That is what I find strange, that Reddit simply downvotes and doesn't actually care. Nobody affirms the man is racist, he may have just worded what he meant to say, which maybe wasn't racist, incredibly stupidly, but nobody gives anyone the opportunity to explain themselves.

That's what's odd, because I had been told reddit was a discussion place but it seems just like a Social Media?Not to play devil's advocate but as when was that this thread ever empirical at the slightest?

Personally I have found that black people I've met are equally prone to racism as anyone else (big surprise I know). On websites like Twitter and Reddit however, I'd say most of the racist garbage I have seen has come from black folks - typically the most buy Animal Crossing Bells weirdo societal outcast activist types.