used that freedom to come up with new Animal Crossing Items occasions and video games to play with their friends on-line. One of the most inventive creations is by Redditor BunnyBoiEthos, who is turning their village into a Mario Party map.

"I love the [Mario Party] collection," BunnyBoiEthos wrote in a Reddit Post. "At first I thought I turned into gonna model it after some of my fave forums (Shy Guy's Perplex Express and Grand Canal and a couple others) however then determined to just make it a group of smaller forums with themes based on the island!"

BunnyBoiEthos' island has blue, purple, and question mark spaces laid out across the map like a recreation board. The spaces, in conjunction with a number of the pathways, are created with custom designs. Nook's Cranny and the Able Sisters shop are located as though they have been the object stores from Mario Party. It's still a piece in development, but BunnyBoiEthos desires to try jogging Mario Party-like video games within Animal Crossing quickly.