Stop survival and commence flourishing from the Ark: Survival Evolved build your base in most of the best places on the maps to grow and survive. These are just a few places that we think have the necessary resources and environment nearby. These resources and the surrounding environment will prepare you for everything that is about to happen.

Herbivore island
Herbivore Island isn't an official name, but everyone inside the Ark community means it as Herbivore Island because it's a safe place with only herbivores. The surrounding water is dangerous, but it's safe after arriving here. The herbivore island is wonderful for building a base as it's full of all of the main resources you will need. is a store that providing Buy ARK Items For Sale, many players choose it.

You can remain here whenever without being in almost any real danger outside multiplayer games so that it is a great spot to learn the basics while keeping your focus on construction and craftsmanship. This is a fantastic place for anyone, particularly if you are a novice.

Sunken forest
The sunken forest is full of resources and possesses a high altitude so that it is a good destination for a build a base. There are also many animals you can use as stable meat, that produces reproduction less of a challenge. In addition to a large number of resources, additionally, it is a very beautiful and immersive area.

Center Area
In addition to being exposed, this is a fantastic place to the basics. You need to find out more about your surroundings, especially when you become healthier, but many of the resources you'll need are few.

Whether you are a novice or familiar with the game but are looking for something different, this is a good place. Most new players like to buy Cheap ARK Dinos For Sale. Compared with other areas on the list, what it lacks in attractions makes up for the lack of resources.