Today, KaterBlue has been working for more than a decade to provide its customer's with various types of watercraft i.e. Luxury yachts, Motor Yachts, Motor Boat, Gulet, and Super Yachts at the world's most beautiful holiday destinations. Is. If you also want to take advantage of some beautiful views and want to spend some of the best moments of your life with your friends, with your girlfriend, with your wife, with your parents, then make use of KaterBlue’s user friendly Yachting platform. Here you can find options for Private yacht Charter and super yacht charters in a myriad of options and service levels.

Simultaneously, you can enjoy our private yacht charter in a variety of famous destinations in  Croatia, Dubai, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Jordan, Poland, Greece, Argentina, and more,  and you may rent yachts for several days, weeks or even by the the hour. We offer our customers the best yacht charter rentals so that they can spend the best of their time with their family or with their loved ones. If you want to know what is special about our Private Yacht Charter and Super Yacht Charter, then please read on.

Private Yacht Charter

If you want to hire a private yacht charter or practice skippering, chartering, sailboating, motor yachts, or traveling on a variety of boats take a pick from our website. We are here to make your dream holiday come true. In our yacht charter section you  can choose any private yacht for organising a party, an elaborate sunset picnic in a beautiful bay, a wedding, you name it we will organise it for you. This is the best yacht charter for tours, bay swimming, fishing, and any of your water based activities. Some people simply spend some of their time on the seam to get away from all and to find peace and serenity and only surrounded by the wind, sun and sea.

 Super Yacht Charter

Super Yacht Charter is the number 1 luxury yacht charter, and under this category you charter the most luxurious 5 star service with your own private group of family. Various types of facilities that are offered in a luxury yacht charter, such as unlimited drinks, best food, a variety of entertainment Jetskis, diving equipment, snorkeling equipment, water toys, massages, a private Cook, Private Room, Luxury Room. All can be used for a dance Party, Stag Party and with you all your guests who are present on Super Yacht Charter with you to enjoy a great luxury party. Our service is to providing the best time to all of them on your Super Yacht Charter.

Anyone can fulfill their dream of living a luxury life on Super Yacht Charter. Several of our luxury yacht can be rented by the hour or by the day and can be hired out for most purposes. Please simply get in touch and discuss your dream with us.

If you also want to avail yourself of a custom tailored Private Yacht Charter or a Super Yacht Charter do contact us at KaterBlue. We have a customer care team and you also contact us via the 24/7 chat support box. Contact us today, along with your preferred destination for your bespoke Private Yacht Charter and Super Yacht Charter service.

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