Martech Interview with Jon Perera on Sales Enablement


Jon Perera, CMO at Highspot, talks about sales enablement in an Martech interview on sales enablement, alignment between sales and marketing, the future of martech, and the need for marketers to double down on customer satisfaction. The more you walk a mile in sellers’ shoes and know what it’s like to be on the frontlines, the better. As more companies begin to adopt sales enablement, the reality is most. Companies everywhere are recognizing that sales enablement is critical to consistent revenue growth, through economic upturns and downturns. 


Sales enablement is the function, processes, and technology that provides your revenue teams with everything they need to sell more effectively. Highspot’s Strategic Enablement Framework is designed to show you what sales enablement excellence is and to provide a repeatable model for you to achieve it. With content to engage customers, guidance to land strategy, training to improve skills, coaching to elevate performance, and analytics to inform action, Highspot equips every rep to execute with impact— empowering you to drive strategy and revenue with the full force of your sales team.


We’re at the beginning of sales enablement becoming the next must-have category of software. Trends like Hybrid selling, buyers preferring to not engage with salespeople, and continued economic uncertainty, have created an environment where enablement is a business necessity for driving consistent revenue growth.


About Jon Parera - As the Chief Marketing Officer at Highspot, Jon Perera leads marketing, community, and the partner ecosystem. Jon directed numerous go-to-market teams over 18 years at Microsoft, including a tenure as general manager of business operations for Microsoft’s international headquarters in Paris, France.


About HighSpot - Highspot helps companies worldwide improve the performance of their sales teams by turning strategic initiatives into business outcomes. Our unified sales enablement platform gives revenue teams a single solution to elevate customer conversations and drive repeatable revenue.


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