Today, every house has an intercom at the front door.

Everyone is so used to it that it surprises no one. Intercom - a device that connects the front door to this or that apartment. It protects its owner from thieves and uninvited guests.

However, the question often arises before the owner, what is the intercom worth putting and whether to spend money on a fancy video phone with a big screen?

Well, that's what we will discuss. Video intercom with a screen diagonal of 15.6''. 

This is the first intercom with such a big screen, and the built-in WiFi module allows you to connect to the Internet and remotely.

So, let's start with the pros, the intercom is equipped with great functionality, and how, this is described further:

   1) Video intercom has the largest screen diagonal, the image from it will be visible even in another room

   2) It has the latest IPC display, in which the picture is not lost at any angle of view, and supports high resolution full hd 1080p

   3) WiFi module lets you connect to a network remotely or browse the internet

Intercom allows you to build a system of 6 monitors that can make calls from monitor to monitor, at any time you can call your loved ones or neighbors without the help of the phone

   4) You can set up a picture frame with frame changing and with any of 10 melodies

   5) Monitor supports memory card up to 64GB which will save you all the important events

And with the zoom function, you can enlarge the image even when you are talking to your guest.

There's also a built-in gate control feature, making it ideal for private homes as well.

And management is done with the usual touch buttons

And finally, video intercom has a slim body and looks really nice and expensive. Unfortunately not all video intercoms have these features (e.g. fermax intercom) but luckily there are many other modern models such as BAS-IP