With the development of e-commerce era, many enterprises began to pay attention to online sales, so the number of orders continued to increase. Enterprises tried to add warehouse staff to deal with the handling problem of the soaring number of products in and out of the warehouse every day. However, due to the simple handling in the traditional warehouse, and with the addition of warehouse management personnel, the handling became difficult to control, and the company's operating costs also increased. Oprfid technologies intelligent warehouse management system can effectively deal with such problems of enterprises that are troubled by poor warehouse management.

Under the general trend of digital transformation, oprfid technologies RFID intelligent warehouse management ushered in intelligent change. As a crucial part of modern supply chain management, the traditional warehouse management mode also needs to keep up with the pace of the times, constantly change, complete the integration of warehouse and distribution, effectively control the warehouse danger, improve the lean management level of enterprises, and create greater value.

Jumping out of the traditional warehouse process structure and continuously implementing digital transformation is the central point of enterprises' intelligent transformation of warehouses. With the increasing expansion of the enterprise scale, the traditional warehouse management has gradually exposed problems such as messy processes, lagging data, high labor costs, low power, only understanding the results but not the process, which has seriously affected the daily generation, operation and decision-making plan of the enterprise. How to rely on oprfid technologies RFID intelligent warehouse management to complete enterprise cost reduction and efficiency increase,

1、 Advantages of reduced human capital

Many enterprises often link the poor management of the warehouse with the lack of manpower, but in fact, for the warehouse, which is an important product storage place, the addition of management personnel will not only bring the rise of human capital, but also add the degree of disorder of warehouse management. With the help of the intelligent warehouse management system, the warehouse management can be more orderly with the reduction of human support, which effectively reduces the labor cost of enterprise warehouse management.

2、 Advantages of adding storage space

The warehouses of many enterprises often appear very congested, but in fact, sometimes this situation is not caused by the lack of warehouse area, but by the lack of use of warehouse space by management personnel and the random placement of products. Through the intelligent warehouse management system, the placement orientation of products can be better adjusted, and through the well-known intelligent warehouse management system, the storage space of the warehouse can be effectively added.

Professional and reassuring RFID intelligent warehouse management system is a product that can efficiently and accurately process enterprise inventory information. After strong informatization ability, this product can modularize everything in the warehouse, and reasonably organize appropriate personnel to deal with it according to the severity of the operation, which effectively improves the processing power of the enterprise warehouse.

1. Using RFID handheld reader technology, RFID handheld reader identification is carried out for each warehouse location in the reservoir area, and scanning is required for both on and off shelves to ensure the accuracy of business;

2. Finish batch processing, accurately handle to each warehouse location, and accurately grasp the production date and shelf life of each product;

3. The business process of the warehouse is planned, and the warehouse staff only need to follow the system prompts to operate, without relying on human brain memory, which improves the operation power;

4. Wave strategy, optimize picking methods and ways, and finish fast and accurate picking;

5. Integrate seamlessly with SAP ERP system, get through the logistics information flow, and synchronize the completion data in real time;

6. The stock in and stock out mission can be directly checked in the system and assigned to the Long Range Handheld Reader of the staff. After the scanning method, the stock in and stock out mission is completed. After the mission is completed, the stock in and stock out report is actively generated for the warehouse keeper to check and review, and the paperless operation is completed;

7. The accuracy rate of inventory can reach 99%, and the purchase request can be submitted more reasonably to keep the inventory in a healthy state;

8. First in, first out strategy, speed up product turnover, speed up capital withdrawal.

Main functions of RFID intelligent warehouse management system:

The combination of RFID technology and information technology not only liberates the labor force and reduces the handling cost of the warehouse, but also solves the problems of inconsistent accounts and materials, low power, difficult statistics, messy processes and frequent errors caused by manual operation. So, how does the intellectualization of warehouse management end?

1. Active Warehousing: when forklifts carry goods in and out of the warehouse, the fixed reading and writing setting at the door can read the information of the goods with RFID tags, and actively transfer it to the management system, completely getting rid of the traditional manual picking method.

2. Intelligent inventory: monthly and quarterly inventory is no longer a headache for warehouse managers. Just take a Android Handheld Reader around the warehouse, and the information of goods can be actively transmitted to the system side for comparison.

3. Visual inventory: a radish a pit, where the goods are stored, at a glance, those spare storage locations can also be reasonably allocated.

4. Data analysis: the more goods in and out of the warehouse, the greater the amount of data information, and the more trouble it will take to clean up and count. However, the smart WMS intelligent warehouse management system has the function of data analysis. According to the normal warehousing status, various reports and statistical charts can be drawn for enterprises to analyze and make decisions.

5. Information tracing: when the goods are in stock, the enterprise can clearly know where they are. After the goods are out of stock, the enterprise still knows where they have arrived.

Through big data, the information of all materials in the intelligent warehouse can be checked in the software system. All form data can also be traced in the system. The intelligent warehouse stores goods by robots, which reduces the time of manual searching for materials and also reduces the manual cost.

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