"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anybody hears my voice and starts the door, I comes into play and eat with him, and he with me." (Revelation 3:20 - NIV). I've study that scripture many times and usually question myself, "where is that home?", "I wish I really could actually see that home Jesus is taking about." He reacted through His Word: "And I can do what you may question in my own name, so your Child will bring beauty to the Father." (John 14:13 - NIV).

He distributed to me a perspective of my life. I found myself standing in a large room surrounded by many gates, not merely one door. I was moving ahead at a steady speed, similar to looking at some of those moving sidewalks you see at airports and some malls. I looked ahead and backward, and when I looked back, I found the nice things, and the bad things that I have inked and that have occurred to me in the past. Often yesteryear looks better than today's or the not known of the future. I stood there a minute and reminisced and then I attempted to have a step back once again to these "traditional days" ;.It had been OK to remember those activities, but I wasn't allowed to get back. What's occurred previously shall stay there forever. The future is not known, and all I have is today's position where I stand.

I am allowed to decide on to turn in any path and shift whatever way I select at can, except I can not get backward. The sidewalk of time never increases or drops down. The gates that encompass me are familiar. I've observed and identified them nearly all of my life. Many I have went through before, some many times, others I've never ventured to open.

To 1 part, I see a door that looks like the door of a vault. It's huge and major and certainly is protecting significantly money and things of great value. I've been during that home therefore many times before seeking wealth and material gain. It is just a home that cries out "come in, help yourself. Take all you are able to - there's number limit" ;.That sounded very good. After inside, however, I came across I was far from alone in responding to the call to partake. You will find numerous others in that room as well; each one attempting to get and get all they can get irrespective of who else may be in the way. All the persons within appear happier taking what's in your hand as opposed to picking right up the endless riches that are there for the taking. In that room, there's regular fighting and battling to get and keep as much as possible. The odd issue may be the more you have, the faster this indicates to slide out and the tougher each one performs to grab even more. It's a harsh cycle.

No matter what home I select and go through, all the same gates seem around that room as well. The gates never change. Some are open beckoning me in the future in; others are closed and increase my curiosity. Some you will look at and recognize immediately what must be on one other part, significantly just like the vault door.

Close to the vault home is one with many colorful flashing lights and signs. The lure of this room is to bring what money you have and play with it with the promise of earning even more income quickly. It claims simple money, rapidly without employed by it and having "fun" at exactly the same time. I attempted that home a couple of occasions in my own life. It wasn't significantly enjoyment and I lost all I had. A number of the persons within appear to win, often even win big. But, the lure gets even stronger when you're winning and the champions never appear to know when to leave. They only continue attempting to dual what they've till they, also, eliminate all of it, and then some. The promise is just a lie. Not just can it be a sit, many keep with an invisible frustration demanding they get back and "win" back what they lost and more.

Maybe not a long way away is just a glass home where you could simply look inside and visit a amazing, mouth-watering present of food. It's an endless buffet that says "eat and enjoy" ;.Used to do and I just couldn't appear to get enough. It had been therefore great; I keep finding its way back to the home again and again. I am aware I eat a lot of there, nevertheless now I just can't appear to go away. I get out for some time, but generally come back.

On yet another part, you will find beautiful dual gates that certainly cause a very relaxed mansion that calls in the future in and let myself get in the utmost comfort. Another home is transparent, and I can see the silhouette of desirable ladies contacting me to step in یراق آلات درب. Another set of gates look like that on a classic saloon. I hear music and fun and voices expressing in the future in, have several drinks, and "ease up" ;.

There's a door with a black determine standing at the door asking me if I'd want to experience good. He has some drugs I could decide to try which will produce me just forget about all the possibilities I must produce every step of the way. Just come in and I could only "let go" and feel well all the time.