Laser diode (Laser Diodes, LD) is a kind of laser generator. Its working material is semiconductor, which belongs to solid-state laser. Most of the laser diodes are similar in structure to general diodes. Since the laser diode is working, the energy conversion process of electrons only involves two energy levels, and there is no energy loss caused by the indirect band gap, so the efficiency is relatively high.

Technological progress has enabled lasers to enter various diversified markets from professional technical instruments. Laser diodes are the most widely used laser technology and are simple semiconductor devices. The average power of laser diodes has increased significantly over the past 30 years, while the average price per watt has dropped exponentially. As a result, laser diodes are replacing some existing laser and non-laser technologies, while also enabling entirely new optical technologies. Mature application areas for laser diodes include data storage, data communications, and optical pumping of solid-state lasers. In contrast, materials processing and optical sensing are examples of a rapidly growing segment in which many emerging applications are emerging.

laser module

Laser diodes include single heterojunction (SH), double heterojunction (DH) and quantum well (QW) laser diodes. Quantum well laser diodes have the advantages of low threshold current and high output power, and are the mainstream products in the market. Compared with lasers, laser diodes have the advantages of high efficiency, small size and long life, but their output power is low, linearity is poor, and monochromaticity is not very good, so their application in cable TV systems is greatly limited, and they cannot be used. Transmits multi-channel, high-performance analog signals. In the backhaul module of the bidirectional optical receiver, the quantum well laser diode is generally used as the light source for uplink emission.

The power output provided by a single laser transmitter can range from milliwatts to several watts. Each laser emitter can be used alone or combined into a laser diode bar for optical pumping of solid-state lasers, or integrated into a laser diode module to meet a variety of application needs.

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