Current situation of CNC precision machining

The development status of advanced technologies such as precision machining is of great significance to the national mechanism and manufacturing. In terms of design, CAD began to popularize. In terms of application, various high and new technologies have developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results. In terms of management, the research and practice of the new production model has its own characteristics, which can promote the technological progress and management modernization of the country's manufacturing industry. Precision machining has developed rapidly in technology, and precision machining has made the manufacturing process more efficient, so that our production and development will enter a "virtuous cycle mode".

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Precision machining development prospect

In the past two decades, the machinery manufacturing industry has been developing towards precision machining and ultra-precision machining at a rapid pace of development. In the future development process, precision machining and ultra-precision machining will become the key technologies to win in international competition and market competition. The development of modern manufacturing is committed to improving machining accuracy, the main reason is to improve the performance and quality of products, improve the stability of its quality and reliability of performance, and promote product miniaturization, strong functionality, and good parts interchangeability. . With the development of the manufacturing industry, the current precision machining is developing from micron and sub-micron processes. In the future processing, the precision of ordinary machining, precision machining and ultra-precision machining can reach 1um, 0.01um, 0.001um, respectively. Moreover, precision machining is progressing toward atomic-level machining accuracy. With the continuous improvement of ultimate accuracy, conditions have been created for the development and progress of science and technology.

Machinery manufacturing technology will develop rapidly from two aspects of improving precision and productivity at the same time. In terms of improving productivity, improving the degree of automation is the direction that all countries are committed to developing. In recent years, from CNC to CIMS has developed rapidly and has been applied to a certain extent. From the aspect of improving precision, from precision machining to ultra-precision machining, this is also the case. The development direction of the major developed countries in the world. Machining has been widely used in many fields, because the current requirements of mechanical manufacturing for output have declined, and the requirements for size and shape have gradually increased, and precision machining has a new development trend. The use of lathes requires different turning processing methods. However, processes such as grinding, gear cutting, and milling can be carried out on one lathe. The development trend of this process integration is more significant.

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