The knowledge of electric arc candle lighter

The following paper will take you to know about the electric arc candle lighter. As a common ignition tool in personal and family life, lighters are a must-have for many friends and families due to their advantages of being light, portable and easy to use. It is also its wide range of uses and indispensable. Many inferior lighters are pervasive, and accidents caused by the quality of lighters are endless. Recently, I bought electric arc candle lighter. The ultra-high appearance of the integrated body design, the novel and unique ignition method, plus multiple safety guarantees, through the mobile phone charging cable, can provide long-lasting "energy" without inflating and other characteristics, let me Changed the perception of traditional lighters.

The technique of electric arc candle lighter

Do you know about the technique of electric arc candle lighter? Electric arc candle lighter is beautifully packaged and perfect for gifting to friends and family. In addition to the electric arc candle lighter, the package also comes with a Type-C charging cable and an instruction manual. Electric arc candle lighter adopts an integrated body design, with rounded corners and hidden tongue pins. In addition, the body is made of aviation-grade six-series aluminum alloy body material, and the gradient oxidation sandblasting process makes this lighter overall Not only has a beautiful texture, but also lightweight and convenient, suitable for carrying around.

electric arc candle lighter

It is vital for us to know about the technique of electric arc candle lighter. Different from the ignition method of traditional lighters, this lighter uses a high-power plasma arc ignition design, open the upper lid, press the button on the side of the body to Can be ignited. Compared with the old lighters, it has a larger ignition area, and the unique ignition method also makes it windproof. In addition to lighting cigarettes, Electric arc candle lighter can easily deal with lighting candles, mosquitoes and other items in the home environment. The pulse flame up to 1700℃ can not only save time and effort in the use experience, but also be more efficient. During birthday celebrations, it is often encountered that the flame can easily burn the fingers when lighting candles, but using electric arc candle lighter, the arc ignition method is much simpler and more efficient, and the use of various angles and directions will not hurt the fingers.

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