Putting a lighter in a car is likely to cause an explosion.

The reason for the lighter exploding is also very simple. There are many types of lighters on the market, such as electric arc lighters, kerosene lighters, and heating wire lighters. These are relatively safe, but there are potential safety hazards for cheap ordinary lighters. Common lighters are filled with flammable gas. On the console or instrument panel, sunlight can easily come in directly through the glass. When exposed to the sun, the gas in the lighter is heated and expanded, and when the plastic casing reaches a critical point due to heat, an explosion will occur, which will have a serious impact on the entire vehicle.

If there is no one in the car at this time and the temperature inside the car reaches a certain level, the lighter placed in the car will have the possibility of spontaneous combustion. The gases used in lighters are mainly flammable gases, such as butane, propane and petroleum liquefied gas. If the vehicle is parked in direct sunlight in summer, coupled with the sealed space of the car, the temperature inside the car will rise. If the lighter is exposed to direct sunlight and the temperature inside the car continues to rise, it is possible for the lighter to spontaneously ignite.

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How to Prevent Lighter Explosion

1. Do not place flammable and explosive items such as disposable ordinary lighters that are prone to explosion by heat or high-pressure canned hair spray, air fresheners, insecticides, etc. on the dashboard, or throw cigarette butts on the carpet, etc.

2. Be alert to the odor in the car. During driving, if you smell the smell of rubber in the car or see smoke coming from the gap on the edge of the hood and near the instrument panel, you should quickly pull over to the side to turn off the engine, and disconnect the main power switch of the whole car.

3. Equipped with effective fire extinguishers. Equipped with a fire extinguisher with the vehicle, pay attention to check whether it exceeds the age. In the event of a fire during driving, you should first call the police as soon as possible, and use the fire extinguisher equipped with the vehicle for initial fire fighting.

4. Do a good job of daily inspection. Regularly check the car daily, and diligently maintain it to prevent the aging of the circuit from causing the car to spontaneously ignite.

5. Do not modify the car without permission. If it must be modified, professional technicians should do professional modification.

6. Try to choose a shady place when parking. When parking, try to avoid sunlight exposure, and check the chassis of the car to confirm that there is no flammable material under the car.

Be very careful, many things can easily become a safety hazard when placed in the car, including car perfume, reading glasses or magnifying glasses, carbonated drinks, and electronic products, etc. It is best not to put them in the car. These things can become a safety hazard, or explode and cause a fire. Especially on the top of the center console and the shelf between the rear row and the glass window where the solar energy is directly exposed to avoid accidents.

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