With the gradual popularity of arc lighters, more and more people are interested in the power generation principle of arc lighters. How do arc lighters ignite? Let's make a simple arc lighter by ourselves, and have a deep understanding of the ignition process of the arc lighter.

electric arc lighter

1.Take two 3.7v Li-Ion batteries. Using hot glue, stick them together in the same direction. Carefully smear some solder on the battery terminals. Also, smear some solder on the metal strip or solder tab. Carefully place the solder lugs on the battery terminals and connect them in parallel. Lastly, you can sand the battery terminals to make the solder smooth.

2.Take an ice cream stick and cut it about 2" length.Mark holes at both the ends of the ice cream stick.Using a mini Drill, make holes at the marked points.Insert 2" long bolt in the holes and tightly secure them.Take a piece of 26 AWG nichrome wire of about 4" length and roll the wire over another screw to make spiral coil at the center.Separate the wire from the screw such that a spiral wire is formed.Using few nuts, tightly place the wire between the screws on the ice cream stick.Attach connecting wires to both the screws independently.

3.Use hot glue to attach the heating accessory to the battery as shown above. Take a PCB toggle button with a cover. Use hot glue to attach the switch to the battery on the other side of the heated accessory. Carefully solder the battery terminal to one of the wires from the heating accessory.Connect the heating wire to the switch terminals. Connect the switch terminals with other wires from the heating accessory.

4.Our homemade electric lighter is now ready. Press and hold the button to complete the circuit. Nickel-chromium alloy coils can get hot and can be used for a variety of lighter uses.

Electric arc lighter factory

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